Discover what you can do with your voice!

What will you learn in Voice Acting Training
with Mehmet Şelli?
  • Translating my self-developed text analysis technique
  • Translating voiceover styles
  • To set up a house
  • Getting the right record
  • Industry information and behind the scenes
  • Earn money by voiceover

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Who am I?

How did this training come about?

1 I started radio broadcasting as a hobby at the age of 14 and presented various radio programs for about 10 years. I sang hundreds of radio commercials
My interest in reading poetry started during my high school years. I participated in numerous poetry recitation events. There was hardly a place where I didn't recite poems during holidays or ceremonies.
2 After university, I worked as a news anchor for a while. However, I decided that it wasn't a field I wanted to pursue further. 3 In 2010 I hosted and produced travel-documentary programs called "Uzak Diyarlar" on TRT In one of these programs, an interview conducted became a phenomenon and gained millions of views under the name "Bingöllü Shepherd." 4 In 2014 I was accepted into the Doctorate program at the Faculty of Communication at Gazi University During the same year, I also started working at Tarım TV, which is under the Ministry of Agriculture. 5 In 2016, while working at the Ministry of Agriculture in Ankara, I started doing voice over work as a side job. In the evenings, I would do voice over recordings in my one-square-meter recording room at home. 6 Within three years, my work in the field of voice over exceeded boundaries. I began working with major international agencies and lending my voice to renowned brands. 7 I no longer wanted to live a divided life. Therefore, in February 2019, I put an end to my 9-year career as a civil servant and resigned from the Ministry. It was not an easy decision, but it was the best decision I ever made in my life. Because now I was free. 8 After resigning, I founded Tvoices Voiceover Agency, providing voiceover services in multiple languages. 9 I have observed many shortcomings in the voiceover training I have received so far. Therefore, I have developed a brand new training model in the field of voiceover. In this model, I provide the most efficient way to enhance one's voiceover skills and explain the possible paths to enter the industry. Additionally, I teach the logic behind emphasis and intonation, as well as my own developed technique called "text analysis." With this technique, you will learn how to read a script with the right flow.


Now, to do voiceover as a job, You don't have to be in Istanbul.
You can do this from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Details of the Training


In Voice Training
What Will You Learn?

Text analysis..
Voiceover styles.
Setting up a home studio.
Getting the right record.
Earning money by voiceover.
Behind the scenes and sectoral information.


Content of the Training

5 hours of diction lessons.
15 hours of hands-on voice lessons.
Each lesson lasts 2.5 hours.
Classes are held once a week and The training takes a total of 8 weeks.
Voiceover trainings artist
Mehmet Şelli teaches diction lessons. diction instructor
Seyhan Karaman gives.


Where are the Lessons
being done

Remotely or face to face
there are two options. Face to face trainings
Every Saturday Biakademi Istanbul while in the office
distance education hours on weekdays
20.00 – Between 22.30 Zoom


How Many People Are The Groups Made Of?

Groups consist of only 6 people. This to education
in groups because of my benefit-oriented approach this number
I don't accept people. Each to the participant
At the end of the training, 3 demos are prepared.


At the end of the training
Is a Certificate Issued?

Eğitime katılanlara Topkapı
Üniversitesi onaylı E-Devlet
kaydı bulunan eğitim sertifikası


Who can
attend the training?

who want to make a voiceover or speech
Anyone who wants to increase their skill this
can attend training. But it's obvious
People with dialect problems can attend this training
cannot attend. People in this situation
first of all, a comprehensive diction
they must receive training.

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