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  • Mehmet Şelli Voice Acting Training

    Mehmet Şelli is one of the most prominent voice actors produced in our country. Within his own agency, he has provided voice-over services for the advertising campaigns of the country's most importan


  • What is Voice-over Training

    You may have heard the terms 'voice-over' and 'dubbing' in the field of visual media. Although they are often perceived as two interchangeable terms, voice-over and dubbing are distinct and separate p


  • Voice Acting Training for Commercial Films

    A commercial film consists of three essential parts. To create a successful commercial film, the visual elements should be purposeful and of high quality. Additionally, the textual components that sup


  • How is Voice Acting Training Provided?

    Voice-over practices commonly used in advertising campaigns encompass significant techniques. The process of voice acting training begins with correct pronunciation and is completed through the learni


  • Who Is Dubbing Training Suitable For?

    In addition to those who wish to pursue a career as dubbing artists, anyone who wants to improve themselves and overcome their shortcomings within the profession can take dubbing training. Moreover, t


  • What are the Differences Between Voice Over and Dubbing?

    For individuals stepping into this industry, it is important to understand that voice-over and dubbing are different concepts. Therefore, voice acting training and dubbing training are also distinct f


  • What Should Be Done to Become a Voice Over Artist?

    With the increasing popularity of voice acting as a profession, the number of people interested in pursuing this career has also grown significantly. The first and most important step to becoming a vo


  • Voice Training

    Thanks to voice acting training, anyone can embellish films, videos, or commercials with their voices. The main objective of these training programs is to ensure the correct use of voice. By learning


  • Dubbing Training

    Dubbing training involves intensive work on speaking skills and teaches techniques for reading scripts quickly. In the process of dubbing or voice-over, characters in the radio, film, and television i


  • How is voice acting done?

    In voice-over work, there is a visual element and a corresponding script. Voice actors bring the script to life by reading it with the right intonation and emphasis, adding a sense of vitality to the