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My voice overs

To inquire about pricing for my recordings and request demo files, please feel free to contact me via WhatsApp or email. All the recordings I have shared here are my own voice work, recorded in my personal studio, and published by various brands.


I provide voice over services in all foreign languages through my agency.

Just send us your text and let us know the languages you need
leave the rest to us.


Do you need voice over for your promotional film?
Are you looking for a voice for your television, radio, or internet advertisement?
Or do you want to have a training session you prepared for your employees voiced? Alternatively, are you planning to have a company-wide phone system announcement recorded?
Contact us now for all your voice over needs and see how we can make your job easier.

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What I have voiced

A good voice over elevates your video, giving a hint about the quality of your work. It positions your brand favorably in people's minds. M. ŞELLİ

mehmet şelli wix
Promotional Film Voice over
mehmet şelli trivago
Promotional Film Voice over
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Promotional Film Voice over

Slide müşteri yorumları What buyers are saying? You delivered an amazing job in a very short time. Congratulations, we loved it. We will continue working with you from now on. – Cansu Demir
Slide müşteri yorumları What buyers are saying? This was our first collaboration with Mr. Mehmet. Everything was perfect, from communication to timing. Our project was completed in one go without any need for revisions. We greatly appreciate his work and highly recommend him. – Mehmet Ali Aydın
Slide müşteri yorumları What buyers are saying? We received voice over services for Turkish, Arabic, and English languages. Mr. Mehmet was truly professional and understanding. It was a work in which we received responses at the speed of light. We sincerely thank him and look forward to working together again in future projects. Your efforts are highly appreciated. – Göksu Zengin


Voice over

Voice over is the process of recording one or more voices over the original audio recordings that can be heard in the background. In professional studio environments, voice over work involves preparing dialogue and sound effects for a series, film, or any other production, and placing them onto the visuals. Voice over work is commonly seen in advertisements and promotional films and is performed by voice over artists. Voice overs can be done in various languages, greatly enhancing the quality of the presentation.

With the advancement of technology, significant developments are taking place in voice over work. The technological improvement of the equipment used has a substantial impact on the quality of the produced works. However, while technology plays a crucial role in voice over projects, the most important factor is the skills of the voice over artists themselves.

Who is a voice actor ?

A voice actor is the person involved in voice over work. In order to become a voice actor, one must first undergo comprehensive and detailed training in this field. After receiving training in voice acting, aspiring voice actors begin their initial activities with demo recordings.

It is not mandatory for individuals to have acting skills to become a voice actor. Voice acting is different from traditional acting in that actors do not need to perform a role while doing voice over work. The most important aspects are diction, emphasis, and intonation. Voice actors are talented individuals who can deliver the text with the right emphasis, tone, and emotion, using a strong vocal tone at the right time. Voice over work is often seen in advertisements and promotional services, where the voice actor's delivery needs to be persuasive and convincing. Therefore, it is crucial for voice actors to have good diction, emphasis, intonation, and the ability to infuse emotions into the text.

Voice over service

Voice over services are provided by professional voice actors in voice over studios equipped with the necessary hardware and equipment for TV series, films, commercials, promotional campaigns, documentaries, and other productions. In our country, when it comes to professional voice over services, Mehmet Şelli stands out as one of the prominent figures in the field. He offers voice over services in both Turkish and foreign languages for various types of productions at his own recording studio. Additionally, he also provides voice over training for individuals who aspire to enter the field of voice acting. 

Voice over Training

To achieve a successful performance in voice over work and obtain the title of a voice actor, it is important to possess the following Voice over Training It holds a significant place in voice over work as various aspects such as equipment usage, diction, vocal range, emphasis, and intonation are crucial in different productions. To deliver an accurate voice over performance, it is essential to utilize both your voice and the necessary equipment effectively. All of these skills can be acquired through a successful voice over training program.

In our country, when it comes to voice over services, the prominent name known for significant achievements in this field is voice over artist Mehmet Şelli. He stands out with his own voice over studio where he provides voice over services and also offers voice over training. Through professional voice over training programs provided in this field, many aspiring individuals can achieve the necessary level of success to provide voice over services.

The voice over training program

Within the organization of Mehmet Şelli Voice over Training There is a specific program content covered within the voice over training provided under Mehmet Şelli. All candidates undergo training within this program and upon completion, they gain the potential to engage in voice over work. Mehmet Şelli's voice over training program primarily covers the essential qualities required in a good voice over artist. General information and terminology related to voice over are taught to all candidates. Following the verbal knowledge, there is an introduction and general overview of the equipment used in voice over work. Additionally, voice over studios operate with a specific structure and system, and the studio rules are explained to all candidates individually.

After covering all of this information, the training phase regarding voice over activities begins. In this phase, you will receive information about text analysis, voice over styles, setting up a home studio, proper recording techniques, and earning money through voice over work.

Why is voice over training necessary?

To be able to provide voice over services effectively, especially in advertising and promotional projects, voice over training is necessary. Taking voice over training is necessary to provide professional voice over services. Although individuals may have suitable voice tone and diction for voice over work, voice over projects involve important details and require comprehensive knowledge. Therefore, being familiar with studio rules, voice over equipment, and other essential aspects is crucial for delivering quality voice over services. That's why voice over training is an indispensable stage in the process.

Voice over for Commercial Film

Voice over services predominantly come into play in advertisements and promotional campaigns that are broadcasted on television screens and digital platforms. By delivering the most suitable voice over for an advertising or promotional script, these projects are completed. For a commercial film, a text with a story is created, visuals are designed based on that story, and the script is narrated in a manner that best suits the narrative. Each of these three stages is essential for advertising and promotional films, and they are interconnected and conducted in coordination. Therefore, if any of these stages is missing or not executed properly, a successful advertising campaign cannot be achieved. To attain the desired success in advertising and promotional films, it is crucial to carry out the voice over stage flawlessly and professionally. The voice over in commercial film adds allure to the productions.    

Voice over services for commercial films.

Voice over for commercial films. Professional voice over artists are responsible for the voice over work in commercial film productions. In these works, each voice does not necessarily correspond to a specific character. Voice over artists do not need to perform acting roles; their main focus is on delivering the commercial script with correct diction, emphasis, and intonation. The goal of commercial voice over is to effectively present a brand or product to the audience. Therefore, the expected performance from voice over artists is to capture the attention of the target audience using the most appropriate voice over techniques. 

In a successful commercial voice over work, the voice over artist is expected to excel in text analysis. Voic over artists are individuals who can understand the emotions conveyed in the script and effectively reflect those emotions to the audience through proper intonation and emphasis. Additionally, clear diction is another crucial aspect that needs to be emphasized. Commercial films have a specific duration, and it requires professional artists to deliver the script fluently and with proper articulation without compromising the time constraints.

Voice over artists also place importance on the use of diaphragm and head voice in commercial voice over applications. Using the correct techniques in delivering shorter or longer sentences, combined with proper diction, adds a certain soulfulness to the scripts. By utilizing these techniques effectively, voice over artists can bring life and emotion to the texts they are working with.